About Us


When you purchase a garment from our store, you have in your possession a garment that was made and created with pure love.  Theresa & Calvin have a hand in everything done at Liquid Fire Yoga Apparel and the clothing is not something we sell-out for.  Theresa is the buyer with standards.  She selects garments for their sustainability, their softness, or for being made in the USA.  Calvin is the logo creator and designer.  He makes the logos, prints the logos and then together as a team process and create the very garment you love to wear from yoga class to the grocery store. Every Liquid Fire Yoga® Apparel every garment is a work of art and should be cared for as such.  Wash in cold water, inside out, and hang to dry.  Only put CPY clothes in the dryer for 3 minutes to soften.

All other items in the store must also meet the same high standard the clothing does.  Not only does it have to meet the sustainable requirements, but also longevity.  There are lot a of items sold in the yoga market that are costly & break down quickly.   They are not built to last.  An excellent yoga mat is one that is good length for your height.  A perfect thickness and cushion that supports good balance.  It should withstand the sweat of a weekly practice.  And, you will only need to buy one of for the life of your practice.  These are the only kind of items we will carry.

Love to buy good stuff at Liquid Fire Yoga® Apparel!