BURN 33 Days of Raw® Ebook

BURN 33 Days of Raw® is a savory seduction of words, practice, and recipes.  Experience luscious lip-licking bliss, platonic prana propulsions, and burn out the human tendencies that hold back your yoga practice.  Move beyond a practice of mediocre posturing and develop a unified practice of unadulterated bliss.  Buy BURN 33 days® of raw, a vegan and raw food cook book and have the practice of Liquid Fire Yoga® in your hands every day.  


The recipes in this book are healthy, gluten-free, vegan meals.  All recipes are originals of Theresa & Calvin Curameng, the raw food culinary artists of Orlando, FL.


Invite Theresa and Calvin to your home or office, let us take over your kitchen and show you how easy it is to eat healthy and delicious food.